torsdag den 27. december 2007

Merry christmas

I just wanted to wish you all a merry christmas.
My husbond is out shopping, so I can make something cake-like later on.
I'm thinking chocolate or caramel cupcakes.

I made some cupcakes with a really good friend of mine a few weeks ago. Lemon cupcake with a meringue and melted lemon curd. They where delicious.

tirsdag den 25. december 2007

Hi there

Making a new blog.

Don't know if is gonna work out well. But I want to share my passion for cakes and baking with more people that has the same passion. This is my very first decorated cake. I made it for my sons first birthday, back in july 2004.

I can show you some of my christmas cupcakes.

It's a gingercupcake with a normal iceing.