torsdag den 24. januar 2008

Old stuff

Since my picture edit program, dosen't work I'll show you some more old stuff.

This cookie was made just for the fun of it.

I'm trying to make different cookies and cupcakes. I really like it. It's more my thing than making "big" cakes.

It's a chocolate cookie with rolled fondant and decorations in marzipan.

lørdag den 19. januar 2008

Happy new year

It's been a while. When was it last year :)
I've made some cupcakes since last post, but the thing is I haven't got my paint shop pro on this computer ( just got it a month or two ago ) and I like to cut an edit my pictures by putting them online.

But I'll find some old for you. Some cookies I made for my grandmothers 75th birthday back in october 2007. It's just basic sugar cookies with fondant and marzipan.
Everybody loved them.
It's my first try.