onsdag den 13. februar 2008


First off all, I hope you all understand my danish-english. It might be a mix of british and american. Sorry.

But.... I found this cookie in my cookie-folder. I made it at one of our cakes for geeks meetings :)

It a chocolatecookie, with fondant.

The geek club.
We are a bunch of girls from Copenhagen. We get toghether once every two month. Or once a month if we are lucky.
we gossip and eat cake for about half an hour. When we are done eating, we get our tools and fondant on the table and start makeing some flowers, cookies or what ever you need to get done.
It's a lot of fun. normally we don't get much done because we gossip, talk and drink coffee :)

It's great to have people to share your passion with. My husbond don't alway understand cake and sugarcraft. If I get excited about a new book or some cookiecutters, it's good to have someone that knows the feeling.


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