torsdag den 20. marts 2008


Happy easter everyone.

I haven't had the time to bake this week, at least not yet. But last week on my have to bake tuesday, I made some lovely tiramisu-cupcakes.

They where kinda dry, but ok. I think it was the eggwhites. And I was cheap with the coffee.
But the Marscaponecream was delicious. I make both the cupcake and the frosting non-alcohol.

I got the recipe from Cupcakes Galore. Great book btw.

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Alys sagde ...

i don't like tiramisu ice-cream but I have to admit they look fantastic

Alys sagde ...

hey we are doing a project at the moment in school on canada and i am doing a page on canadian cuisine but theres nothing on the internet except maple syrup but i was wondering if i could think outside of the box...... anyway i thought i'd turn to you and expertees on baking and cooking! so i was wondering if you could either put a post up or send me a message with a cool canadian recipe? please reply

Alys xxx

Alys sagde ...

i also need the recipe or idea or whatever by wednesday!! so PLEASE look at this !!!

Alys sagde ...

hey your probobaly getting very annoyed with me leaving so many commments! but could u fllow my blog? so i can send u messages and stuff? i follow yours!